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The start of 2019 sounded the arrival of our catalogues, and new catalogues means new products. Discover the latest cooking trends for this year that will delight your customers’ taste buds.



The Macaron collection by Chef & Sommelier promises a perfect wine pairing with a glass whose surprising shape symbolises the love of good food.

Its audacious and rounded contours are perfect for wine tastings: the large oxygenation surface area allows white and red wines to reveal all of their complexity. A revolutionary design with its thin lip, in a lyre shape for an even more pleasant tasting for the lips.

Domaine, 47cl

Domanie, 47 cl

Gamme Line

Line Range



Cocktails are an essential part of restaurant dining for customers. Today, cocktails are more accessible and many customers arrive already knowing about this world, while others are discovering it. And if you offer a complete range of cocktails with original recipes by surfing on the trend of mixology.

Mixology is the art, or the science, of mixing drinks to create cocktails. The barman specialising in creating cocktails is called a mixologist, the aim is to create and make cocktails that are overflowing with originality and ingenuity

More and more popular, we see them gushing out at parties, receptions or in bars and clubs.


Buffets allow you to showcase a variety of dishes. Customers are tempted by the possibility of tasting new things whether it’s sweet or savoury dishes from around the world. In order to boost our offer and propose a new experience to your customers, invite them to come and try the dishes in your buffet, these must be showcased in an original way.



Cold Brew



You need a lot of time and patience to extract the intense aromas and the subtle sweetness of this mix. Served frozen, the resulting coffee is both rich and smooth

The cold preparation method is unique. Indeed, it’s not heat that allows for the extraction of the coffee’s aromas, but how long it is infused for. The coffee is infused slowly, at room temperature, for 20 hours, in order to extract the delicious aromas and the natural sweetness of its beans

Drinks like this are already a booming trend, a new extraordinary taste sensation and a fascinating visual effect which will enchant your customers.

To accentuate the Cold brew experience, Isi® with its new Nitro Whip and its nitro capsule, transforms Cold Brew into Nitro Coffee. The new very aromatic drink entices you with its naturally sweet taste and the capsule and siphon allows you to increase the flavours of the beverage!!



Saveurs Range.
In porcelain. Reactive enamel. Artisan product. Each piece is unique and the colours may vary.

Café Gourmand.
In terracotta. Reactive enamel. Each piece is unique, the decoration may therefore vary from one plate to another   

The ‘‘Caractère’’ collection by Revol reveals detailed work: the thickness chosen for the line and the rhythm brought by the height of the edges are the result of diligent research in order to guarantee theirelegance on the table. Invisible to the naked eye, the delicate heel gives the collection an airy look that contributes to the poetry of the ensemble. A Caractère collection to play with heights, refined shapes and elegance of the creations by a talented designert

6 colours inspired by the world of spices to match or to play with contrasts.

Terre d’Ombre range.
In stoneware. Reactive enamel. The decoration may vary from one plate to another.

Lagune range.
In stoneware. Reactive enamel. The decoration may vary from one plate to another.

Agrume range.

The citrus collection is a collection of plates decorated in high-end porcelain. Each plate is unique and represents the heart of a poached citrus fruit before it’s placed in the oven. The plate elegantly showcases the dish without overshadowing the Chef’s creations!

PichetIn copolyester. Maximum temperature 85°c.
Do not microwave. Ergonomic and robust handle. Stackable

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