Our history

Over 200 years of history

Dive into the heart of our history and go back to the origins of our expertise


The MATFER BOURGEAT group was created during the first industrial revolution. In the heart of the Halles de Paris (central market), Charles Trottier, a modest metalworker and tinsmith, began to make tin and copper moulds for pastries.


Charles Trottier publishes the first product catalog.


The business exports its products to Europe: London, Constantinople, Saint-Petersburg, etc.


Charles Trottier Jr. sells the business to his chief assistant, Alphonse Delaverne, who has worked in the business since he was 20 years old. He relocates the business to 13, rue Montmartre in the heart of the Halles de Paris. Delaverne modernises and expands the catalogue.


The business is purchased by Gaspard Mora who was the foreman. The store is named after him.


The business splits into two: MORA for sales to users and MATFER for sales to distributors. The workshop becomes a factory.


Opening of the first factory in the first factory opens in Longny-au-Perche, Normandy.


As the business combines unique expertise and exceptional production capacity, it begins its international development and gradually becomes the world leader in small kitchen items for professional kitchens and laboratories.


Creation of IN SITU, the Tableware division, through successive takeovers. Takeover of the French distribution of the Italian disposable item manufacturer FLO.


Acquisition of BOURGEAT near Lyon.


The group successively acquires MATIK and SOLYREF, today MATFER BOURGEAT CORPORATE.


Takeover of VAUCONSANT in Nancy


Acquisition of two factories in Bayonne to form PI creation


The Matfer Bourgeat group regains control of the MORA store in Paris.


Our corporate purpose is to innovate based on practices in the catering trades. Our investments, particularly in digital technology, are moving in this direction in order to maintain our leading position.