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Food service professionals are subject to all kinds of circumstances that can cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSD): handling, repetitive movements, work postures, pace, work environment. In order to limit the impacts on the health of catering professionals, a global prevention approach integrating organizational, human and technical aspects, must be implemented. The Matfer Bourgeat Group develops ergonomic tools, designed to improve comfort of use and prevent injury on a daily basis.

Working with Matfer Bourgeat Group equipment means working with well-designed equipment for a functional and healthy kitchen. This means creating utensils designed and thought out to facilitate the gestures of chefs, intelligent linking carts, reversible and intuitive food storage units, and display shelves for dishes that are as functional as they are beautiful…

We take occupational health seriously in our own factories, as well.  Employees are educated in injury prevention and indicators are regularly monitored in order to improve results progressively. At Bourgeat, employee health and safety management has been based on OHSAS 18001 since 2005.

Stainless steel bin transport cart

Easy to load, easy to move around for less handling
The stainless steel tray is one of the storage utensils we use most in the restaurant business.
Its daily use requires numerous handling operations:

Container drop zone 600 mm from the floor for loading at height, eliminating the need to bend down

Mobile bin storage to avoid double handling

Easy-grip handle at different heights to suit all operator sizes

4 swivel wheels make the transport cart easy to move, even when loaded

Prep'chef ricer

Easy to load, easy to move for less handling
Stainless steel containers are one of the most popular storage utensils in the catering industry.
Its daily use requires a great deal of handling:

Ergonomic lever design for ease of use and comfort. Keep your back straight to avoid the risk of RSI

Mash potatoes in a single motion

After use, this professional kitchen tool can be fully machine-washed.

Tablet neo

The new ergonomic NEO tablets are designed and customizable

Ideal deposit height for both operator and customer