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food safety

The Matfer Bourgeat Group complies with European and French regulations, because as an equipment manufacturer in the gastronomy sector, the health of the users of its equipment and that of consumers is one of its major challenges.

In order to guarantee the safety and traceability of our products, all materials, especially plastics, which may come into contact with food, are selected to comply with European and/or French regulations and are subject to migration analyses in independent and accredited laboratories. All these precautions and controls represent significant additional costs and investments.


Programming of a maximum reheating time of 60 minutes as required by the regulations to guarantee the nutritional values of the consumer.

Optimized temperature restitution of the dishes in stainless steel tanks for a better restitution of the flavors

Spatula ELVEO

Steaming to release free volatile matter

Migration test run

High quality raw materials thanks to sourcing in France and Europe